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Extensive Reading for Vocational High School

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Extensive Reading for Vocational High School – Reading is very important skill that should be mastered by all students since it is the most important factor in learning a foreign language. Indonesian student’s habit of reading is still poor so it is the English teacher task to find a new method to raise the students interest in reading. To raise the students interest, the teacher may provide materials and activities that is able to motivate students in reading. The activities that maybe providing is extensive reading program. The teacher also should choose an interesting material for extensive reading program. She/he could use comics, novels, short stories, fables, news etc as the material for extensive reading since it is very interesting for students to read some kinds of writting.

For example of interesting witting such as comic, English comic of course. Itcould be very useful to use in extensive reading program. It is also able to applied as the material for extensive reading program for VocationalHigh School students. Comic gives some positive result to the students such as enrich new vocabulary, enrich knowledge about different culture, making students more imaginative, colouring the class activity, give different possible material that could raise students motivation in reading.

The possible activities in applying comic in class are making summary, reading aloud class discussion, group discussion, group presentation and vocabulary discussion.

The use of comic as an extensive reading material gives some advantages such as enhancing students general language competence, increasing knowledge of vocabulary, leading to improvement in writing, improving students knowledge about different cultures and stimulating imaginative thinking of the students.

Actually, to improve the student’s motivation to read, there should be cooperation between teachers, students and also schools.

  1. For the teachers
  1. The teacher should use interesting method to teach the students in order to make the students more interested in English subject. The teacher could use diferrent method in the teaching and learning activity. The teacher is expected to develop new method in order to raise the students interest in English subject.
  2. In teaching reading, the teacher is able to use extensive reading to increase the student’s motivation in reading.
  3. The teacher should be able to choose appropriate material in extensive reading for each grade of the students.
  4. The teacher should be able to develop the material of extensive reading material. She/ he could use comic, novel, short story and another interesting English literary.
  5. The teacher shoul be able to provide time to the students in extensive reading program since extensive reading is out of class activity.
  1. For The Students
  1. The students should motivate theirselves in learning English subject since English is important now.
  2. The students should read more in order to increase their knowledge about English. They could read English novel, English comic, English short story, English magazines, English newspaper etc.
  3. The students should try to find new vocabulary in order to enrich their vocabulary. They should also study more about grammar since it is very important to understand the text.
  4. The students should attend all the class activity.
  1. For The School.
  1. The school should provide the facility inside the library such as adding more English book such as novel, short story, comic, magazines, newspaper, etc. Besides the school should also develop another facility that could support reading program for example language laboratory, reading room, etc.
  2. The school should make reading club. It may be conduct twice a week. All of the students are able to join with the activity.
  3. The school should hold some reading competition to enhance student’s spirit to read.
  4. The school should make school megazine to accommodate some writting from the students and finally it can be written by all students.

In conclusion extensive reading can be used to improve student’s motivation to read since the reading habbit of Indonesian’s students is so poor. The teacher could use interesting material for extensive reading. Lastly, to achieve the succeed of this program, the students, the teachers and also the school should take part actively. (by:siti maesaroh)

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